$1,200 every 6 months

Keep your App Updated for $200 a Month

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Keep your App Updated for $200 a Month

SubcoDevs Inc
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You read it correctly.

We will maintain your Mobile App for only $200 a month. Add another $100 and we will maintain the app on one more platform.

What We Will Do for You

  • Create New Builds Every 3 Months 
  • Update Libraries & Dependencies
  • Test the Product on 5 Latest devices 
  • Publish to App Store (Google and/or Apple)

What If You Miss Out on the Program?

Missing out on this opportunity means you will encounter:

  • Sudden App Crashes and Errors
  • Recurring Expenses on App Maintenance
  • Negative Customer Reviews
  • Loss in Revenue and Potential Customers
  • Inefficient Time and Resource Management

Benefits You Will Get with Our Program

  • Quick Integration with Assistance
  • Zero Complaints from Happy Customers
  • App Stays Updated with OS Upgrades from Apple & Google
  • Experts On Standby to Add New Features
  • Proactive Management
  • Extended Asset Performance

Want Low Downtime & Extended App Life?

We'll Do it For $200!

What’s Not Included in the Program

  • UI or Functional Changes Made to Apps 
  • Replacement of Deprecated Libraries & SDKs
  • App Rejection Handling Due to Changes in Google/Apple Terms
  • Any work related to backend or server side changes

This is still one of the best, no-stress, low-cost programs you are going to find. Plus, we have a proven track record with scores of happy clients. 

Look at What Our Satisfied Customers are Saying

1) We found the program after facing sudden malfunctions in our software product. Since the issues were hindering users, we decided to get them resolved effectively. The preventive maintenance program by the team worked amazingly for us. It solved the ongoing concerns, and no such issue has occurred ever since.

Daniel Brown 

Project Manager

2) After trying out quite a few maintenance experts, we finally found our answer here. The team managed to understand our issues and provide seamless solutions. I had never encountered such competency when it comes to app maintenance. 10/10 recommended to everyone. 

Stewart Fleming

Maintenance Manager

3) With their preventive maintenance, we realized how simple work can be. Their proactiveness helped our software comply with Google’s App Store requirements. Additionally, we were able to deploy new features with their development team. Kudos to everyone on the team!

Martha Kristen 

Lead Generation 

Ready to Give Your Apps New Life?

Get Started Right Away and purchase the subscription that suits your business.

Never Worry About Sudden App Downtime & Errors

Keep Your App Up-to-Date at $200


App Maintenance for $200 Per Month

Maintenance Program Benefits
Reduced Asset Downtime, Extended Asset Life, Expert Services & Consultancy
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